And The Dust Settles

And The Dust Settles

The dust begins to settle.

Your SUV is a little heavier than usual with a partial beach in the floor board.

Luggage waits patiently by the door to be put away for the next summer.

The bug eyed look on your spouse sets in.

And you’re wondering, “Who are these kids in my house?”

“Did the circus follow me home?”

The summer is a blur.

You try to recall quality time with your family and the only thing that comes to mind is the hectic,miserable drive to the airport. And then you realize it’s all a rerun of summers past!

Entertainment overdose.

Convenient childcare options.

Miles of activities and roads covered.

But when the dust settles, where does it leave us?

Are our relationships looking more like our luggage in baggage claim? or the stuff in it?

Maybe it’s time to “check in” vacation and weigh it on the relationship scale.

Insure it so it doesn’t return empty or stolen.

Enjoy your kids while you have them. Tomorrow they will be catching a flight without you.


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