Bella Notte

Bella Notte

Scandalous romance on the movie screen breaks the box office, but when the kids see it expressed between mom and dad they turn red with embarrassment.

This reality sometimes leaves me scratching my head! It’s backwards thinking.

Let’s turn romance within the bonds of marriage from weird to normal! Romance is not for teens, adulterers and movie stars! It’s for a man and a woman who have joined themselves together in a lifelong covenant agreement. Let’s get this! And let’s put it on display for the world to see.

Marriage, God’s way, is beautiful, fun, and romantic.

We probably all have some work to do in this department. After so many years of marriage the door to romance starts getting a little rusty at the hinges if you don’t keep it oiled with intentionality and creativity, especially when the kiddo’s come along! Think outside the box and do something out of the ordinary.

Move your picnic up a knotch and go all out. Turn it into a summer evening of outdoor fine dining that you will never forget and create your own Bella Notte.

You got it! Card table with a cloth, chairs, and fine china, by candle light in the great outdoors. Order a carry out from your favorite restaurant or if you’re cheap like me, put your culinary skills to work and do it yourself!

Scope out the perfect spot. It may be more secluded in a local park or trail with a stream or lake, or perhaps more public, like on the town square! (I’m feeling brave!)  The extra effort to make it special will make memories that will last a lifetime and help keep the flames of love burning!

Don’t forget to consider weather and bugs. And remember, the end goal is certainly a beautiful dining experience together, but it’s also the fun you will have creating it. So be determined to enjoy it from beginning to end.

Be creative, light hearted and have fun…

…and sex! =)

Excuse me, this is my husband calling. =)

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