Blue Ribbons

Blue Ribbons

Summer is half over. Are the kids bored yet?

I’m just remembering those lazy, hazy days of summer from my childhood.

I may be dating myself, but do you remember Chinese jump rope? It’s one of those games that required social and physical skills. We had to share our time in the middle, cheer others on while we patiently waited our turn, serve others by holding the rubber band at both ends, and be persistent not to give up trying when we failed.

My father tells stories of his childhood playing marbles with his neighbor friends. He spent many hours honing in his sharp shooting skills, taking on the challenge of someone better than himself, problem solving, settling disagreements about rules of the game, teaching younger ones the skills he had learned, putting others first, on and on, trying and trying again, never giving up until he rose to the top, and finally his friends would pass him in the street and say “There goes Warren Sellers, the Marble Champion.”

I remember other games like Hopscotch, freeze tag, and kick the can. Where have these games gone to?

They’ve morphed into handheld devices inside air conditioned homes.

Sweat, dirt, skinned knees and ant bites are honors in disguise, the blue ribbons once worn by those who knew how to play hard.

If your children have spent most of their time inside, they may need a little help learning to enjoy playing outside.

Think back to your childhood memories or get your parents talking about their’s. Recreate some of the games and imaginative play you used to enjoy and throw a good old-fashioned summer fun party in your own backyard. Or host a neighborhood kids olympics day with real competition that offers your kids the opportunity to learn how to win and loose. Wrap up the day with an awards ceremony complete with blue, red, and white ribbons.

Serve refreshing treats like snow cones, ice pops, or choco bananas .

If you are short on that precious commodity we call “time”, enjoy the community of other moms by involving them and the kids in the planning and preparation.

35 days of Summer left. Enjoy it while it lasts!


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