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Happy Tomatoes

Happy Tomatoes

Hopefully no one has been watching my garden for the past few years because it has gone from happy to sad, productive to pitiful! And if anyone was watching, it may have left them wondering how my skills declined instead of improving with experience! Actually, I had no skills to start with, but just happened to move into a house inhabited by an owner of many yard dogs and…well, you know! My tomato plants were happy to move in after them!

Fertile soil produced some happy tomatoes!

Anything that has the potential to thrive, grow and produce needs more than just the basic components to keep it happy and productive like the soil in my yard. The same is true for the family. Without enrichment in family life, all we have are the basic components, the stuff that keeps us driven: eating, sleeping, work, school, extracurricular activities etc.

Consider using summer break to jump-start a family enrichment goal for the coming school year!

Keep your goal small, reachable and something the whole family can participate in together. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

GOAL FOR THE YEAR – SUMMER JUMP-START                            

  • Community Service – Plan at least one community service project for the summer.
  • Reading together – Read one chapter per week in a book the whole family will enjoy.
  • Survival skills – Practice knot tying together.
  • Regular family outings – Discover what’s within a 20 mile radius of your home in three outings.
  • Daily Family devotions – Set aside one night per week for family devotions.
  • Music/Art awareness – Visit local concerts/exhibits.
  • Group dance – Set aside one night per week to learn a group dance together.
  • Learn the basics of a second language – Choose 10 words to learn and use all summer.
  • Cooking – Plan and prepare a fun meal with a theme.
  • Eating together regularly – Eat three meals together per week. Use discussion starters to get the family talking.
  • More physically active – Plan several physical activities: hike a trail/play wiffle ball.
  • Positive character focus – For a travel game, make up a “good character” scavenger hunt for everyone to complete by the end of a trip, a  list of words like patience, hard work, kindness etc. that they would look for in people they pass. The results will make for a great discussion!

Get a jump-start this summer on an enrichment idea of your own!

The family is a living organism.
Keep it growing.
Keep it flourishing.
Keep it happy!


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