Strings of Love

Strings of Love

“Nah-Uh! Your dad is not better than mine!”

“My daddy is the best dad in the whole world!”

“His muscles are bigger than your dad’s muscles!”

“His shoes are bigger than your dad’s shoes!”

“He’s got the biggest truck in this neighborhood!”

“Yeah, there’s nobody bigger or better than Daddy!”

“He’s beast.”

“He takes me places… fishing.”

“Yeah, we go fishing at the lake sometimes. I caught a really big one the other day! You see that log over there? Yeah, ’bout like that.”

“You should see that big machine he drives at work. It’s bigger than your house! He calls it “destroyer”. I bet Daddy could pick up your house in it! He let me go to work with him one time. We pushed down trees and moved big rocks around. It was awesome!”

“Johnny! Time to come in!”

“Well, gotta go. Mama’s calling….OK, see you tomorrow!”

“My daddy is the biggest, the best, he is beast. My daddy is the biggest, the best, he is beast. My daddy is the biggest, the best….

“Hey mama, I’m home.”

“Go wash up, Soldier, it’s time to eat.”

“Where’s Daddy?”

“He’s in his room; don’t bother him.”

(knock, knock)…”Daddy? Can I come in?”

“Yes son.”

“Whatcha doin?………..Daddy? Is that tears in your eyes? …..Your face is red! What’s wrong?”

“Well, I’ve had a big burden on my heart about something, and I need God’s help, so I’m talking to Him about it.”

“You mean….you need help sometimes?”

“Hugh, I sure do!”

“You mean there’s somebody that’s bigger than you that can help? I mean, I knew God was big, but…”

“Johnny, God is so much bigger than me! He understands things I don’t understand and helps me know what to do. So I read God’s Word, pray and ask Him for help.”

“Yeah, sometimes  I need help too. Is the side of the bed like your altar or something?……. Is there room for me Daddy? Can I pray too?”

Johnny adores his father.

What Johnny doesn’t realize is, it’s not just the qualities he boasted of with his friend that makes Johnny’s heart adore him, but it’s the seven years his father has spent tying strings of love with his son. Some he tied intentionally, but most were unintentional, simply an expression of the man he chose to be.

He refused to lie for his boss to cover a shady business deal, walked away from his job and moved his family into a smaller home. When he did, Johnny noticed.

His coworkers are crude and obnoxious but he treats them with kindness and respect. When he does, Johnny notices.

He was humble and thanked the officer for keeping the roads safe when he handed Johnny’s dad a traffic citation. When he did, Johnny noticed.

He punished Johnny when he was disrespectful to his mother. When he did Johnny cried but he knew his daddy was right and loved him for it.

He cherishes and loves his wife, treats her like a queen when she’s tired and upset. When he does, Johnny notices.

He wept bitterly at his father’s graveside, forgiving him for years of abuse and torment. When he did Johnny pondered it, forever etching it in his memory.

He pours over God’s word like his life depends on it.  When he does, Johnny notices and he wants to be just like him.

God’s word tells us that evil is bound up in the heart of a child (Proverbs 22:15) but when the rod of correction is consistently applied, strings of love are tied, and a Godly example lived in front of our kids they will begin to thirst for what is right and good and true. They will long for the sweet fellowship of being in our presence and when they do, their heart of adoration will turn to the One we adore and follow our footsteps straight into the arms of the Savior.

If they adore us, they will follow us.

Read Psalm 1:1-3

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